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  • Octet
    Concerto Budapest, conducted by Zoltan Racz
    Budapest Music Center
    10 January, Budapest

  • Dances of the Brush-footed Butterfly
    Kiss Péter, piano
    12 January, FUGA, Budapest

  • Paradise reloaded (Lilith)
    Neue Oper Wien production
    Palace of Arts Budapest
    Hungarian Radio Orchestra, cond. Gergely Vajda
    23 January, Budapest, Hungary

  • Kosmos
    Grau-Schumacher piano duo
    Ultraschall Festival, Berlin
    25 January, Berlin

  • Shadows
    Orchestre National de Lille
    conductor: Maxime Pascal
    31 January, Lille, France

  • Shadows
    UMZE Ensemble
    conductor: Zoltan Rách
    31 January, Budapest Music Center, Hungary

  • The gliding of the eagle in the skies
    Huntsville Symphony Orchestra, USA
    conductor: Gregory Vajda
    1 February, Huntsville, AL., USA

  • DoReMi - violin concerto
    Seven - violin concerto
    BR Orchestra, Munich
    vl., Kopatchinskaja, cond. Peter Eötvös
    8 February, Munich, Germany

  • Speaking drums - percussion concerto
    Mahler Chamber Orchestra, cond. Eötvös
    Concerts: 14 February Essen,
    14 February Essen, 15 February Dortmund, 16 February Cologne Philharmonia

  • New Psalm - solo percussion
    - solo percussion
    Martin Grubinger
    16 February, Cologne, Germany

  • DoReMi violin concerto
    Netherlands Radio Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Eötvös
    Concerts: 20 February, Cologne Philharmonia
    21 February Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • Snatches of a conversation
    Insomnio Ensemble, conducted by Peter Eötvös
    Concert: 22 February, Utrecht, The Netherlands

  • The gliding of the eagle in the skies
    Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della Rai
    cond.: Marco Angius
    1 March, Auditorium Torino, Italy

  • Moro Lasso
    Australian National Academy of Music
    cond. Brett Dean
    5 March, Melbourne, Australia

  • zeroPoints
    Cello Concerto Grosso
    Orchester Philharmonic de Monte Carlo
    cond.: Peter Eötvös, vcl.: Eric-Maria Couturier
    15 March, Monte Carlo, Monaco

  • Shadows
    UMZE Ensemble, cond. Zoltan Racz
    Budapest Spring Festival
    Budapest Music Center
    30 March, Budapest, Hungary

  • Dodici
    New piece for violoncello ensemble (12 celli)
    Berlin Philharmonic violoncello ensemble
    2 April, 2014, Philharmonia Cologne, Germany

  • DoReMi
    Hungarian Radio Orchestra, conducted by Gergely Madaras
    violin: Patricia Kopatchinskaja
    4 April, Budapest, Palace of Arts

  • Snatches of a conversation
    Concerto Budapest, cond. György Lakatos
    11 April, Budapest Music Center

  • Shadows
    Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia
    cond. Peter Eötvös
    25 April, Madrid, Spain

  • Steine
    Sonata per sei

    Plural Ensemble, cond. Peter Eötvös
    29 April, Madrid, Spain

  • da capo -  for cimbalom solo and ensemble
    Chinese Opera

    Remix Ensemble, cond. Peter Eötvös
    6 May, Porto, Portugal

  • Le Balcon - opera
    Le Balcon Ensemble
    conductor: Maxime Pascal
    Stage director: Damien Bigourdan
    20, 21, 23, 24 May, Paris, Athénée 'Theatre Louis-Jouvet

  • Speaking drums
    Camerata Salzburg, Martin Grubinger, percussion
    cond. John Axelrod
    16 May Salzburg
    17 May Vienna
    18 May Rosenheim
    24 May Hamburg
    25 May Braunschweig

  • Speaking drums - percussion concerto
    The gliding of the eagle in the skies
    NHK Orchestra, Martin Grubinger, percussion
    cond. Peter Eötvös,
    22 May, Tokyo, Japan

  • Psalm 151
    Amadinda Percussion Group
    Hungarian Radio Studio 6.
    28 May, Budapest, Hungary

  • DoReMi - violin concerto
    New York Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. Alan Gilbert
    Midori Goto, vl
    5, 7 June, New York, USA

  • Psy
    Dance of the brooshfooted butterfly

    I Solisti Aquilani
    cond: Vittoriano Vinciguerra
    8 June, Rome, Italy

  • Golden Dragon
    new ensemble opera
    Opera Frankfurt / Ensemble Modern
    Premiere: 29 June, Frankfurt, Germany
    Performances: 1, 4, 6, 7, 9, 11 July

  • zeroPoints
    Philharmonique Orchestra Radio France
    Manifeste festival IRCAM
    July Paris, France

  • Intervalles-Interieurs
    Manifeste Festival, IRCAM, Paris
    10 July; Paris, France

  • The gliding of the eagle in the skies
    (vl. Akiko Suwanai)
    Savaria Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gergely Madaras
    International Bartók Festival
    12 July, Szombathely, Hungary

  • Two poems to Polly

    Alter Ego Ensemble (Roma)
    International Bartók Festival
    15 July, Szombathely, Hungary

  • DoReMi
    Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra
    13 September, Berlin, Germany

  • Kosmos
    Hajdi Elzeser, Nenad Lecic, piano
    26 September, Detmold, Germany

  • Angels in America
    Opera Wroclaw, Poland
    3, 4 October

  • The gliding of the eagle in the skies
    Orquesta de Euskadi, San Sebastian
    10 October, Venice, Italy

  • Lady Sarashina
    Franz Liszt Academy of Music Budapest
    17, October, Budapest, Hungary

  • Dances of the brush-footed butterfly
    Peter Kiss, piano
    5, 12 October, Chicago, USA

  • Lady Sarashina
    University Lisbon
    cond. Pedro Amaral
    24, 25, 26 October, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Atlantis
    Porto Symphony Orchestra
    cond. Eötvös
    1 November, Casa da Musica, Porto, Portugal

  • Psychokosmos
    Tiroler Symphonieorchester Innsbruck
    conductor: Francesco Angelico, cymbalom: Luigi Gaggero
    13, 14 November, Innsbruck, Austria

  • Speaking drums - percussion concerto
    (perc. Martin Grubinger)
    Cello Concerto Grosso
    (vcl. Jean-Guihen Queyras)
    DoReMi -
    violin concerto
    (vl. Midori)
    Orchestre Philharmonic Radio France
    22 November, Paris, France

  • Steine
    Duo from "Le Balcon"
    Octet plus
    Sonata per sei

    Ensemble Intercontemporain
    cond. Peter Eötvös
    22 November, Paris, France

  • Die lange Reise (Ballade aus der Oper "Der Goldene Drache")
    3 December, Fészek Müvészklub Budapest, Hungary
    Kolonits Klára - soprano, Dinnyés Dániel - piano

  • Snatches of a conversation
    "Natasha" -
    new version for trumpet (Marco Blaauw), violine, clarinet and piano
    da capo
    (cimbalom: Miklós Lukács)
    Dialog Festival,  Ensemble Musikfabrik
    3 December, Salzburg, Austria

    Two poems to Polly (Eric Byers)
    4 December, Salzburg, Dialog Festival

    Calder Quartet
    5 December, Salzburg, Dialog Festival

    GrauSchumacher Piano Duo
    6 December, Salzburg

    DoReMi (Patricia Kopatchinskaja)
    Mozarteum Orchester Salzburg
    conductor: Peter Eötvös
    6 December, Salzburg